I have to say that the past couple weeks I’ve been on a color roller coaster. I’ve been crazy busy and running around like a looney, but I have also been really on a color and inspired high! (these things are hard to come by and I cherish each moment. I also hope I’m not jinxing myself by acknowledging it… knocking on wood now.)

Anyway, here are the Virgin Island pouches I am working on right now. They are curing and will be ready for sewing later this afternoon. The colors are vibrant but soothing. The birds are a native type they have on the islands.

Also the edges are a little curled because of how the all the layers dry. I wish I had a way to flatten them for the photos.

By the way… please please please excuse the quality of my photos. The very next item on my list of purchases is a new camera. WHY is it so terrible lately?

panel 2

panel 1

panel 3

Then starting a new batch … at this rate I will be way ahead of my deadline to deliver! Wow. again a rare feeling 🙂 (knocking more on wood).


On a quick other note: THE MINI HOUSES swap is still on and we are looking for just a couple more players. We have a group so far of very talented artists and craftspeople who want to swap with you! This is a great opportunity to have “me art” time,  focus on relaxing and meet new people! Also for those who sell their wares, a great way to network and get your name out there~ You don’t know who will see and like your work!

So if you even have the slightest tugging to join, check out the details here and join in the fun!