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What does a  “house”  mean to me?

To me, A house represents safety. Safe from the outside dangers. Safe to be who you want to be without judgement. Safe to dream about anything. Safe to love who you want to love.  A house is a sanctuary where I can find peace and comfort.

My house can be anywhere my family is. My house is whole when those in it are happy and comfortable.

My house can sometimes have cracks.  It needs maintenance and love.  When it is empty for too long it wears down and becomes cold.

But when I nurture it and really live in it, it breathes and gives back to me in magical ways.

Houses are a main focal point in a lot of my pieces. In my pouches and also in my journaling and canvas work. I find myself doodling houses, making paper houses, sculpting clay houses and picking out items to buy that represent houses.

What does a “house” mean to you?

to celebrate my house and yours, I’d love to host a swap of mini houses! Mini houses of any kind.


Do you make (or are interested in making) small houses? Do you sew, work with clay, paper, metal, paint or any other medium?

Would you like to swap houses with me and several other artists/crafts people/ non artist people with extraordinary houses?

here are the details:

-8 participants total. Once 8 slots are filled you can opt to be on a waiting list an additional 8 participants.

-You have 3 months to finish and mail in your houses. Deadline to ship to me JUNE 30, 2014. – I’ll send reminders along the way. And if they get here early, I’ll swap them out early 🙂

-Each house must be small (mini). By that I mean when you get 10 assorted houses back, they need to fit in a box no bigger than the small flat rate priority mail box (approx 8.5 x 5.5 x 1″) – ie. a VHS video size.

-The houses do not need to be identical. each one can differ in shape, color, etc…

-When you send your 8 houses to me, please include $5.25 for return priority mail (or a paid postage stamp for flat rate small priority mail). Don’t send boxes or envelopes.  **non US Participants welcome. Please see below.

-Please DO send 8 business or contact cards, one for each of your houses (or some identifier – little note about your piece or your email address) to be sent out with each of your houses. Why not get your info out there? This is a great way to pass your details around and also a way for your recipient to contact you if they have comments or questions. If you don’t want to be contacted, no worries… you can remain anonymous by just sending a little description or note instead 🙂

-LASTLY: If you commit to this swap, please follow through and send work that represents you, your style and interpretation.  Be proud of your work.

-Oh… and share this info with your friends! 

I find that my day to day is really hectic and I have to actually carve out time to have a little “me art”every now and then. This is a great way to force yourself to have a little creative fun and get to “meet”other fabulous people out there.


-Comment below with your number in line. Ie. the first person who wants to sign up uses #1 Jane/John Doe.  this is so that others who don’t want to participate can still comment if they would like without using a # 🙂

-Then email me your contact info to: thoughtfulcreations22@gmail.com (name, city/state, medium you are interested in (you can always change your mind), and your email address where I can contact you and any other info you want to include )

**IMPORTANT: I welcome nonUS participants. But please contact me so we can figure out the postage a different way.

That’s it! Start on your houses and get them to me by June 30, 2014 and I will have everything sent back out to you by probably before July 15.  I will update this if necessary.

So I will get it started and that leaves 7 spots available. I hope you consider joining.  I’d love to see your houses and what they mean to you.

Update: 10 spots are filled! Stay tined for any future swaps! I’m really excited with the variety of artists we have for this swap! Can’t wait to see everyone’s work!
Thank you!