Yesterday we spent a few hours in Cambridge, MA… Harvard is beautiful! We ate dinner and walked around for a bit checking out the local stores and stopping for ice cream (you know.. my after dinner internal battle… Ice cream almost always wins).

Found a cute store called Black Ink that sells all kinds of knick knacks and gift options, The COOP which sells all kinds of Harvard paraphernalia, Anime Zakka for loads of Japanese anime goods from bento boxes to Pokemon dolls, Newbury Comics– a chain in MA that we love to browse for unique and fun trinkets and, last but not least, Gather Here~ a fabric and knitting nook so full of all things fiber!

Since moving here to MA I have not been in a fabric store and I’ve been feeling a little distraught with withdrawal… and then I walk into Gather Here… so small and quaint… brimming with colors and softness. All at once my withdrawal tried to turn into the familiar hoarding instinct. I did my best to control myself and bought a few yards of my favorite finds.  You can also find Gather Here on Etsy!

Can’t wait to make some special carry pouches … Yikes! So much to make, so little time!