Could it really be true?!?! Has it been a month since I last posted here?

Crazy how fast time flies… I know I say that a lot, but it’s true.  What have I been up to…?

One thing I’ve really been submerging myself into are other artist’s (and non-artist’s) blogs. Reading and learning and admiring how they are written and polished. I spent a lot of time wondering what it is that makes me come back for more… tugs at my attention and/or has me feeling things that are deep and thought provoking. I’m not sure 100% what that answer is, but one thing is clear… when you share something that has meaning to you, whether it’s a product or a process, something you have experienced personally or are ‘close’ to someone’s journey… it draws in an audience of people just like you!


Now that I’ve been sharing on a blog for some time, my new challenge is to become more personal and intimate with it and my readers.  I want this place to be about more than just sharing news about my work but more of why I started creating gifts to begin with…  the act of giving brings joy and enrichment on so many levels – and it’s what I am inspired and called to do.  When I do something nice for someone it inevitably makes me feel happy . Do you feel that way too?

This brings me to the holidays and probably the biggest giving season of all! Although I love giving for the pure reason of giving… I still have to think of my job.  How can I join the two completely together? Is it possible?

As a seller of gifts I have always been on the “by the last minute” schedule of the holidays. When other retailers are setting out their holiday gifts, I am only then reminded… “oh, I better get on that.” But this year I am trying something different… I am thinking ahead. What do I want to put out there that has greater meaning, that shows true kindness and can really spread cheer, love and happiness?

Something I want to do is take 100% of the profit from a product to help with a illness very close to my heart (and for many of you as well.)   I will share soon what that is how we can help ~ 🙂

I hope this is the start of something more genuine and real. I am thankful to God for this challenge in my work and life…  after all He is the greatest example of giving that I have ever known!