A few days ago I was notified that I was nominated for this VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER award… from SEA THROUGH ME: a beautiful Photo Blog that captures some incredible photos from the viewpoint of a teenage girl. (I’m also proud to say that the artist is my daughter!)  I watch her taking thousands of pictures through the lens of her Nikon DSLR and sift and examine them closely after each of her outings. I am amazed that she is able to capture bits and pieces that I would never have thought twice to photograph. If you like photography, take a look at what she is offering on her blog: SEA THROUGH ME. Thank you Emily for this nomination… I’m flattered that you think my blog is inspiring.  I am constantly inspired by your work and also how intensely you feel about taking that perfect picture.

so the rules of this award is

#1 to thank the person who nominated you: SEA THROUGH ME by Emily

#2 Display the award and list the rules for the next nominee

#3 state 7 things about yourself

#4 nominate 3 other bloggers for this award and contact them


Here are 7 things about myself:

– One thing I love to do besides paint is work out at the gym and go hiking, bouldering/climbing. I try to go to the gym every other morning… although the summer schedule can really throw a monkey wrench in the mix and we try to go hiking or climbing every weekend. Every time we go out to a new location I am amazed by the beauty of this earth. My health is very important to me… I want to be here for as long as I can with my children and husband.

-So that leads to what I eat. I am not a vegetarian… nor do I follow any specific diet. The only thing I try to stick with is NO GMOs. I try to buy organic whenever possible… and support farmers wherever I am. My family owns an organic egg and produce farm and I see first hand how difficult it is for private farms to survive. Luckily I think we are entering into a new wave of thinking and understanding and I hope that awareness over GMO foods continues to grow and there is more and more change in this country.

– I am a Korean drama addict. I don’t know if it’s hereditary (my mom watches her share as well) or if it’s that I am always curious about where I came from and what advancements Korea is making.  50 years ago Korea was a third world country… it was literally built in a day and is always changing quickly. Now  Korea ranks among and sometimes surpasses many developed countries in technology, art and entertainment, education  and other standards.  It also suffers similar pains as the other countries. There are serious infrastructure issues, growing obesity issues, and workplace stress. Many are portrayed in the Korean dramas I watch.

– I want to grow as a business. OpenHandCreations started as a seed when my kids were very young, I was a stay at home mom and needed an outlet for my creativity.  I also am amazed that I can make something with my bare hands and raw materials. These things combined have pushed me on to evolve. But I want to expand and that takes a lot of courage. I feel like I am ready for another growth spurt.

– Originally I was a paper crafts artist. I made greeting cards and other paper items.  My style was very straight, exact, ‘restoration hardware- like… I specialized in wedding invitations, baby announcements and greeting cards for those occasions. All blacks and whites, blues, pinks, silver… you get it.  One day I started to paint… with my hands… and realized that I no longer liked the exactness and unforgiving nature of that work. I felt free when a drop of paint fell somewhere unintended and liked how I didn’t quite know how something would turn out. I liked the feeling of paint coating my hands and sometimes smudged on my face (yes it can get wild in here!) and loved the new vibrant colors! Talk about evolution.

– I moved to Boston after 14 years in Maryland. What a huge change. I miss my friends constantly still, but am trying hard to adapt to my life here. I discovered I love city-ish living. I actually live in Newton which is within a 1/2 mile outside of Boston so there is still the public transit and other amenities of city living. I also discovered I love biking everywhere. Besides have to get groceries, I try to bike whenever possible. I think I drive my car about 50- 100 miles a month where as I used to drive it 2500 miles a month! It’s not all from biking… it because everything is so close by and you can take the bus everywhere else 🙂

– Lastly… We are going on a family vacation this year! hallelujah! We are going to trek it to the Big Island of Hawaii! I am so excited I can hardy breathe. There is so much I want to see and experience. I’m afraid that the time will go too fast… just like it is right now.  I used to be a creature of habit. I hated change; had trouble being flexible mentally. I always liked knowing what to expect. You can imagine it would take me 4 days to get comfortable on a week long trip… so that was a bummer. But now I embrace change. I love discovering things as I go along. I love how there’s always something new. So this trip is really special to me. I can not wait to see what awaits us there on the Big Island. After that trip I’d love to go to another country… I have always had a passport, but not a single stamp… yet!


Well that’s 7 things you may or may not have known about me.  I hope I didn’t bore you to death 🙂

Now to nominate 3 other bloggers:

#1 My very dear friend and fellow art journey woman: Stacie Spencer of STACIEJEWELRY. Apart from her inspirational jewelry creations, every Monday she posts a Make A Difference post where she shares ideas on how to brighten someone’s day. I hope to add something like that on my blog.  She also features various artists every month that inspires her.

#2 Haley of IF YOU GIVE A BLOND A KITCHEN. This blog is full of yummy (mostly sweet) treats. Everything I have made from her site has turned out delicious. For anyone who needs baking inspiration… this is where you can find it. (and don’t forget… if you are interested… there are usually non-GMO/organic substitutes for most ingredients).

#3 Rita Summers of GONERUSTIC.  Talk about earth art eye candy.  Rita’s creations are just organic and beautiful. The really uses resources from all around and turns them into magical pieces.


Well that’s what I’ve got!  I hope you will check out the nominees above. Each is unique and has so much to offer.

I am working on something entirely new to add to my shop – (perfect for back to school). It is turning out just perfectly and I will be unveiling it on Monday next week. So please check back then for some exciting OpenHandCreations news!