It’s important for me sometimes to recognize the rush and stress of my life and really take time to heal. The past month has been especially difficult for me. We experienced a sudden death in our family and some medical issues that have taken every ounce of my energy, patience and understanding. Now that I have reached a moment where I can sit and breathe, I’m taking that chance to work on my personal art and reflect on the people that are the most precious to me; count my every blessing.

You might do this too, but one thing I find  helpful for me is to create. Creating art that will never make it to the sale table, art that is personal and I can pour myself into. In this case, make a few pieces that I will give to my family that is hurting so much right now.  Each deliberate mark, splatter of paint and color with them in mind.

Journeying through all the steps in my process is incredibly comforting. Each time I make a mistake I can go back and fix it. Each time a color isn’t right, I can go back over it with a new color. I can add personal words, thoughts and details that only mean something to me.  In art there is no wrong or right.  It is my precious and personal “therapist”.

I know there is a lot of work to be done… but there is always be a lot of work. Now is my time to heal and become whole again.