Some of you might know that I started out as a papercrafts artist about 15 years ago. Today’s mixed media is an evolution from my past love of paper πŸ™‚

This morning I woke bright and early to get right to work that I have been putting off all week… at least that was the plan.

I started to peruse all my papers and supplies and realized I don’t use a lot of it; either it doesn’t match my color schemes or they are not useful for the pouches I make. So I decided to purge some of it. But then my hoarding instincts quickly took over and I found myself pulling stuff back out of the can!

I tried to think of a way to get rid of this “stuff” without just trashing it… do I donate it? But who wants just pieces and sheets of random paper and supplies? My old greeting card creator self appeared and then the following several hours were spent not cleaning, not purging, but making card after card. The work area looked like a paper monster threw up all over. Β I found myself lost in making cards, enjoying the quick instant gratification of creating!20140510_101459


photo 1photo 3photophoto 2

Here are some of the simple designs. I plan on donating all the cards to a place where people can pick one up and use it for their own! When I lived in MD we delivered all occasion cards to a local cancer center waiting room. I’d love to try something like that again…

And I guess I’ll get back to work now… πŸ™‚