More and more I have been using tissue paper on my collage pouches because it adhere’s so well to the canvas and makes the whole sewing process easier. Plus, I just love how the candied colors shine on my work 🙂

I spent a little time this morning making several sheets of gelli printed tissues… I love how the colors swirl and the bits from the last print come off on the newer prints.  (Just plain white tissue paper some with stamped images and mono printed. )




So what do I do with these pages? Here’s something I’m working on for the Virgin Islands shop today! There’s still much to be done… lots more collage, ink, distressing, adding inspiration… but I wanted to share this first layer.

2014-04-27 11.18.58


The bird is a native bird in the islands called the bananaquit. One day I hope to see it in person!