Today I finished a large order for Ali Norton Boutique in the USVI… 🙂 I’m happy with how they turned out… as sometimes when working on larger orders it can become a little monotonous since you have to keep within a theme. This time I was able to take some time and really work with colors and images.

I did learn a couple things this time around…

The cold weather brings on higher and dryer heat in the studio…  so paint will tend to become stiffer quicker. Great for when you want to do multiple layers, but not great if you are working with fabric that needs to be sewn and flipped inside out!

Stick with your tried and true mediums.  I absolutely love love love Golden UVLS Gel Topcoat.  I ran out of it after the first set and tried to use the liquitex equivalent. Liquitex is a great brand and has worked for me time and time again. But for this application, I prefer the Golden. So I had to stop work and made sure I stocked up on the Golden before I could go on. I will make sure I have enough on hand at all times!

So here is a little preview of what can be found very soon at the Ali Norton Boutique!