Well… Happy (VERY BELATED) New Year everyone!! I know I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks… I’ve just been chugging along and every time I sat down to write a post here I got caught up in something and there went the days!

First, might I say… I can’t wait for the days to warm up. I think getting used to New England winters is going to take a few more years. My friend down the street has informed me it can take decades… and she’s still waiting. Just as I think the weather is warming up… I see single digit highs next week. I am almost ready to purchase a space heater to warm my feet while I work. I find myself frequently dreaming of warm sand and sun on my face.

Ok… now onto the fun stuff… I have made a couple pouches since the start of the year. I have a renewed energy and excitement. This year I am going to move further into my own personal style. Explore some more what is it that I am drawn to and make it my own! One way to do that is to start making my own stencils and stamps for backgrounds and highlight areas.

Making your own stencils is so easy and the possibilities are endless. I especially love the look of hand cut versus perfectly machine cut stencils. Even when I buy them, I find that I am drawn to the ones that are not exact shapes and designs. More organic designs…

I use this product for stencil sheets (from Dick Blicks): GrafixMatte Stencil Film. It comes in a variety of sizes. You can even buy it in a huge roll! Here I used 9x12inch sheet pack of 4. Cut them to whatever size you want 🙂

23204-0052-3ww-lYou can use a craft utility knife or a wood/stencil burning tool to cut.  Today I used a knife.

All you need to do is draw your design directly onto the film and cut! EASY PEASY!




You can get as intricate or basic as you want…


or if you want some ideas, print out some images you want and tape them to the back and hand draw/copy first!




One of my favorite stencil looks is cursive handwritten inspiration.



20140116_162449 (1)


I can’t wait to use these on my new batch of pouch panels that are currently being primed!

I hope your year has started out with energy and inspiration.

This year I plan on sharing more of my process and also some new products featuring my art!