set of two (Neck and Back) Homemade Rice Heating Pads

#7 Heating Pads aren’t just for the elderly. They are perfect for athletes, children (who want a warm snuggle while falling asleep), and for those who work outdoors… not to mention us ladies when cramps strike! These make very nice gifts for just about everyone… and luckily there are so many patterns of fleece available you can customize for basically every taste! I have come across Dr. Who fleece, disney, camo, flowers, stripes, and even this bicycle print I just had to use!

You can make any shape and size for every kind of use! and don’t forget dried lavender or other herbs scents if you wish to keep it smelling fresh… in case you were wondering, the rice I have used so many times in the past has never deteriorated and the smell is the same as it always has been… rice scent lol!

Here’s another little idea… make small size ones for holding in pockets when rushing out in the am to the bus or school!

here are the basic instructions. BTW: I use rice (short grain, the cheap kind) although I have read some people use wheat flowers, corn cob and buck wheat. Rice is just easiest for me to locate and it hold the heat fairly well.

Cut your fleece front and back any size you wish.

Sew along 3 sides (if you are making one for the neck, sew it so it is like a sock – longways with the opening on a short side) and if you are making a larger rectangle, I find it’s easier to leave a long side open.

flip right side out and fill and sew little “packets” as you go along. I find that it is best to make the lines no more than 3 inches apart to the rice stays uniform throughout the pad…. does that make sense?

Heat for about 1 minute and then add 30 seconds at a time to desired heat. I usually heat my big size pad for 2 minutes… it gets really hot! Be careful!

Anyway, I know there are tons of different ways to do this out there… and I have added some here šŸ™‚


this is all you need… plus a sewing machine if you want. I can’t hand stitch well enough so I use the machine šŸ™‚


finished pads



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Lavender and Rosemary Rice Heating Pad
by Cathie Fillian
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There’s only 1 full week left until Christmas! I’m so excited to see my family and spend time together…

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