The big , chunky scarf is one of the most trendy items this winter… probably only second to the knee high boots!

so #3 is the QUICK knitted Infinity Scarf. This scarf knits up in a couple days time and is a seamless, warm beauty!

I made one over the weekend and started a second to give as a hostess gift for a holiday party I am attending this week. The first one I made exactly to pattern and the second one I only changed the weight of the yarn to super bulky (instead of chunky/bulky) – mostly because I wasn’t happy with the color choices of the correct yarn weight.

The needles and # of stitches remained the same. Click on the last scarf photo for the pattern and link!






GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley
click on image for free pattern and link


ok. #4… goes hand in hand with the scarf…  FINGERLESS GLOVES. My All time favorite!

this first one caught my eye because I also have had trouble kntting gloves that “hug” the hand.

by plzsendchocolate

by plzsendchocolate
click on image for pattern



by twobutterflies
click on image for link to blog and pattern


and finally one that I have used over and over… fingerless arm warmers!

no knitting involved and won’t cost a whole lot to make!

I first saw this on a blog that I fell in total love with.. but I can’t seem to find it. When I do I will definitely link it here… because this blog had so many cool repurposed ideas and I need to find it again!

but for now here’s the jist:

You take a pair of knee or thigh high socks (Target sells each pair for about $2.50) and cut off the footie part. Then in the top area (where it would go to your knee) make a small slit (thumb hole) and stitch around it so it doesn’t pull.

Easy as pie and ohhhhh soooo cool! The first photo is a link to a store that sells these and the second is a tutorial if you want to make your own! The second doesn’t sew the thumbhole… but I think it’s worth the extra effort 😉

sustainable fingerless gloves arm warmers  2 pairs  stocking stuffer  tween teen girl gift  repurpos-f66937

by Love it so Much
click for link



by Noreen Doll
click for tutorial