This week is going to fly by…. I can already feel it!

I am almost exclusively going to be working on this set of paper bag calendars that will be sold only at the MUSE in downtown Frederick, MD.

This time I am doing something a little different. Instead of using lunch bags, I decided to make them from my used grocery bags that I have been collecting since summer from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods! I realized that these bags have the perfect heaviness and I can get 4 pages from each bag with almost no waste!!! So even though it takes a bit more time to cut these up… I am excited that this set will be wholly upcycled!! YEA!

20131026_151717 20131026_151724 20131026_151735

I just realized that I do not have any finished pictures of this year’s calendars from the last set! WHAAAA?!?! That’s really not like me not to keep a photo record of my work. Well… I will be sure to take plenty of photos of this set ย and will share them with you in a future posting… ๐Ÿ˜‰