Spending the better part of today building the remaining houses. Then the fun begins~  Collage and paint!



As for my special request for help... I’m trying to figure out a perfect name to call these little houses.

I have a few ideas, but none so far really fit the mark.

I’D LOVE A LITTLE HELP to try to find the perfect name.  If you have an idea or two (or three… or more), I’d love to hear them!!!

Here is a little detail about the houses:

-approx 2″ tall

-1″ deep and wide

-inspirational word on each

Please leave your ideas in the comments below! (Don’t forget to leave your email!)

Names are important… so

If I choose your idea I will send you a house of your choice and

all who leave an idea will receive a coupon for 30% off  a purchase at my etsy shop!

I hope you will help me 🙂



Only a few days left in August! I can’t believe how fast time is flying. My girls return to school next week and then full steam ahead!