The final UVLS coat is drying now and these beauties will be ready for sewing tomorrow.

I think it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve made pouches… this feels great!I’ve been incorporating a little florescent paint since being introduced to it in the life book class… It takes me a little out of my box and I’m liking it!


A discovery I’ve made regarding spraying ink.  From what I’ve seen, there is not any company that makes permanent spray ink.  Ink that doesn’t smudge when worked on with paint, water or medium. I’ve heard of people using a clear gesso on it, but in my experience it still really blends and you loose a lot of the texture of the spray (especially when using stencils!)

So i set out to make my own sprays with ACRYLIC INK and a little water (since they are very vibrant and can be watered down a bit without losing it’s color). I bought dollar spray bottles from the travel section of the store and mixed 1 part ink to 1 part water.

Perfect permanent adhesion (so as far as i can tell) and you can still see the ink spray designs under all those layers of paint and gel medium!

If you haven’t tried acrylic ink… I definitely recommend!!!


Anyway, here are the pouch panels that are drying now and will be ready very soon!