I have been searching the world over for affordable, natural looking, light filtering window treatments for the wall of windows in the living room/studio area. After looking at Home depot, blinds to go, Lowes, Walmart and Target, I finally decided on these roller blinds from Ikea. Why didn’t I start there first?

I love Ikea… they have come a long way since I furnished the majority of our first home on a budget (i’m still using the solid oak dining table as my art table now). The quality has improved so much that sometimes my friends ask me if I have pottery barn or other upscale names around the house! And it is heavy too!!! (fyi).

This time ENJE Roller blinds save the day. They are very light but provide the privacy we want… they do not show more than a shadow inside at night and don’t make the room feel small and closed in (as we have a very small space now). I got them in gray and love, love, love them! I don’t think the photo does it justice. I might try to take another pic in early evening lighting…



You can see on the fireplace area our fairy has moved in and made herself at home 🙂


on the Art front, I started on a lesson  by Tam from Life Book 2013 which I love! I am new to painting whimsy girls and animals… so here is the progress so far. I just love learning  new techniques!

20130708_093228I still have to work on the waves… but I thought I’d share so far what I have!


Anyway, that’s what I’m up to right now! I am almost ready to get back to work. In the meanwhile I will be listing a couple new pieces on Etsy…  So stay tuned for more!

I hope those of you who are experiencing summer right now are staying cool (in this unforgiving humidity) and my snowbird friends in the southern hemisphere are toasty!