And I’m not referring to cows…

A couple weeks ago I ordered 400 business cards from MOO. I love the quality of the cards, the different sizes, being able to put a different photo on each card if I want, the turnaround time and all the additional business accessories (stickers, postcards, labels… etc).

I have never ordered such a large number before, so I made sure I proofread them over and over for mistakes as I think these might last me at least 6 months.

When I say I proofread, I mean I made them, saved them online, came back to them and even went back to look at them after the order was submitted as they allow for 3 hours after the order submission to make changes.

I waited the weekish time for them to arrive and excitedly tore open the box to admire the beautiful cards. They were all that I imagined…

except for the one missing “h” in





So after waiting a few hours, I decided to call MOO. (I was just having a hard time swallowing the cost of 400 cards with this flaw…)

Can I just say how grateful I am to this wonderful company?!?! They said it was ok (even though they warned me to check and recheck) and they would send me another set of 400 free of charge and free shipping! Not only that, that was Monday night I called them and today, Friday, they are here!



They are perfect and perfect! Thank you MOO for making my day. I know to your company it might not be a huge deal… or it may just be written policy to do this for everyone… but I am GRATEFUL for this. I means so much to me.