Ok. I am working… I did start a new batch or pouches…

Restocking the stores in MD and AZ…

But while I am waiting for the paint to dry, I made a quick batch of energy bars.


Where did the inspiration come from? Have you ever tried the “Chunks of energy” at the bulk food bar at Whole Foods? Doesn’t look that great but tastes amazing!

But they are very very expensive. So I did a little internet searching and combined several different recipes for granola and energy bars and came up with this little chunk of heaven.  To add a little fun, you can press them into shaped cookie pans and make them into hearts, trees… whatever you have buried in your stack of pans!

Anyway, here’s how it goes: and feel free to substitute anything in or out.

heat equal parts honey and peanut butter in a sauce pan. Just enough to be a little runny (any nut butter works here – I like the regular peanut butter as honey roasted adds sweetness to the already sweet honey)

Remove from heat and add any seeds and nuts and dried fruit you want! – try one seed variety that is lightly salted for the sweet salty taste.

I add pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, dried mango, sunflower seeds…

Add some TEFF flour.  I think Carob powder is also perfect.  Teff was easier to find for me.

add more or less of any of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Press into pan.

Use a lightly oiled pan or just use wax paper.

Cool and cut into chunks.

20130506_115720 20130506_115838 20130506_120316

Ok. Back to work… I will have some pics soon of the newest creations!