I couldn’t help myself… As soon as I laid eyes on the package of Linoleum blocks I had to give it a carve!

I am starting with some practice materials and will move on to better linoleum once I get the hang of it…

So far all I can say is… “I LOVE IT!”20130407_090447





I even carved out a mini stamp for the Market Tote Logo: Wild Blue Lotus


The ink itself will take 2 weeks to cure… so I will wait the time (fingers nervously tapping on table) and work on collage pouches this week. I can’t wait for the finished bags. They are very heavy duty and will hold tons of groceries (I used mine this weekend and it passed my test!) The added inner pocket (shown above) is perfect for holding money, cards of cell phone while you shop!

Anyway, this project was so fun… even the girls took a stab at it (punny… I know) and came up with some fun designs.


Abby’s Surfboard



Another by Abby


Emily’s new obsession: Adventure Time! Jake the Dog…


Otherwise we had a wonderful weekend hiking the the Blue Hills and geocaching! If you have never tried this, you must. It’s a worldwide scavenger hunt and it is addicting.

I hope you all had a great weekend… Wishing you an awesome week!