I’m still here… here but not quite here… (lol).

I’ve been doing a lot of “spring cleaning”. Organizing my supplies, deciding on items to donate and which to toss… I’ve been cooking a lot and mostly trying to enjoy time making art and resting.

“Why?”, you ask? A few reasons.

I love when I purge out my things. It feels good to rediscover old supplies “I meant to use” and also to give some to people that can really use them.

I love the clean, dust free work area.

The weather has been wishy washy at best and I am trying to bust out of winter … where are you, Spring?

I’ve been in a art business slump… you know the kind that makes you question what and why you are doing it and therefore the creative eye is closed for now. And wondering if what you are doing, compared to what else you could be doing, is worth it.


I did discover something really awesome though. If you love brownies, this one’s for you!

We love to buy NO PUDGE brownie mix. But not all places sell it.  What all places do sell is regular brownie mix.

To make LOW FAT brownies from ANY BOX of brownie mix: Simply replace the oil with applesauce.  1:1.

That’s it!

Soft chewy brownies… YUM!chocolate_brownies



And here’s an update on the pages I worked on last week. I feel like the left page is me (in red) watching my girls make beautiful music together. Enjoying their voices and their friendship. 20130321_110635


Ok. I am going back to sorting my giveaways. If I’m not on for a few days, don’t worry… I’m still here!

Hope you are having a great start to spring… see you soon!