I just love these colors… I find that I use them together a bunch on my pouches and this time they are coming together in this spring quilt. I had a bunch of fabric pieces left over from previous projects and thought I should sort through them and get rid of the bits I can’t use.

I made 5.5 inch squares (a good size for me to work with since I am not as exact as I wish to be) and with a few tips from my friend i got to sewing. I hope to have this made before summer… but as Kathy said about quilting – “It’s an artform and can take years to finish”.  I’m hoping it’s not years… hee hee.


Anyway… yesterday was so warm and beautiful… I almost feeling like spring cleaning…! I might just do that next week. It’s time to go through every little bit and really inventory my supplies. (as well as air out the house!)