I can feel it in the air… spring is just about here! It’s still cold… but the temps are hovering around 40 degrees and the first signs of growth are popping out of the ground. I love the spring!

Speaking of 40 degrees… yesterday my daughter took part, with her middle school team,of the annual Plymouth Jordan Polar Plunge…” brrrrr” is all I can say.

We were cold all bundled up. It was sunny but brezzy (as usual for the beach) so the wind chill probably was closer to freezing.

I’m not sure how many participants there were… but there were local businesses, other school groups, college groups, other community groups and more! The best of Plymouth came out to support the local hospital and the event was a success!

(And I can say, “we’ve been to the beach (New England style) in winter!”)




On the art front:

This month I will be focusing on calendars and also getting stocked up for the summer months to come. (You can see how my mind just jumped ahead!) But I am reminded in the retail world that the earth spins just a bit faster.


This pouch is the lastest addition to my Etsy store!


Well that’s it for now. Hope you are having a wonderful start to March and I will check back in soon (hope you will too!)