As you might know, I joined LIFEBOOK 2013 this year so I could explore and have some fun with other artists learning new and fun techniques! Each week there is a new project/inspiration/instruction. So far  I have done only a few exercises. Mostly because I’ve run out of time or I don’t have all the supplies in my home studio… although some projects you can substitute other on hand supplies.

Today I decided to take a day for myself. No work… just a play day… after having the girls home during that Blizzard storm and then a week Winter Break.  (We did have a great time – skiing/boarding and just hanging out together!)

So I went online and discovered a new project lesson up today by Danita.  I have all the easy supplies needed to do this lesson and a bonus:  A makeup artist book that Rene’ gave me from her yard sale table years and years ago.

I got right to work (after prepping dinner for tonight) and came up with this girl.


I love this girls because she has the hair cut I really want and she has a face shape that’s not “model thin” and weirdly long.  I wish I can fix the eyes a bit (they seem a little close together), but I do like her… I like how she’s not perfect! (Just like me).

Also, doesn’t she look a little like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter – Rumer? I think she’s really pretty!


Anyway… I just wanted to share my painting with you today. You can check out LifeBook by clicking here or on the badge on the side of my blog… I am not affiliated with them… just a student taking the yearlong course! 🙂