Today is a “hard to get in the groove” day. My brain is blank… my panels are even more blank.

This happens to me… I don’t make a single thing for 5 days and my hands, brain and heart are out of sync.

after a couple hours of just sitting and staring I started to sketch this girl. I haven’t made “girls” in a while… this one is a different style than the past ones. Straight painted … next one will feature some collaging. I just didn’t know how to start so I just painted.She reminds me of lazy spring days…

my subconscious is wants less chill and more color.




I can’t wait til the birds come back out, the sun shines for more than a couple hours a day and everything starts blooming.


On to the Exciting news… I added a few bracelets to the etsy store! I had a lot of fun making these wraps and am looking forward to more hours of beading soon! In the meanwhile… please stop by and take a look!

OpenHandCreations on Etsy