Well I realize over and over… and especially this past weekend… I have been spoiled!

We got hit with Nemo (I think that’s what they are calling this Blizzard Storm).

After spending a couple days in the dark and COLD I realized I have been so so so fortunate all these years. I have never had to sleep in 43 degree temps before and I can say… it’s very hard.

We were still lucky though… we had a gas fireplace for some of the time. However we weren’t able to use it ongoing because of the fumes building up in the house.  That smell you get when you first turn your furnace on – I swear is toxic. It makes me dizzy.  and no matter how long we burned the fireplace it would not go away! So we had to do our sleeping in the cold.

We got a couple feet and drifts up to 5 ft (I think).  But the worst part was the winds! Howled all day and night. Plymouth got pretty hard hit. And we are still the lucky half… the other 50% is still without power! I don’t know who those people are out there… but I and praying for fast power recovery… I don’t envy anyone who has to endure the cold. Especially those with babies and older folks… I pray they are safe.

Well there is a fun side to all the snow… Playing, playing, playing!




We spent a few hours on Sat and a few on Sunday taking in the views. My daughter dug a tunnel all the way through a drift and we went sledding on the golf course! Fun! and today I am feeling it 😉

To top it off, I get a bonus day with the girls off from school today. We can bake and spend time together that would normally be spent working and at school. Thankful for that.

And for a little bit of work… I am almost prepared to list a couple wrap bracelets on my etsy site~ So excited to get those on there and share them!

Hope you are all warm and safe out there! Have a great week!