If you are like me, you love making all kinds of things. Your home is filled with supplies for tons of very different projects from jewelry making, to painting. You have clay and miles of yarn… and a stack of storage bins filled with odds and ends.

Last week I decided to start a new project. And I am loving the results! I made these Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelets. This one is a bohemian style that I LOOOOVE! (think FreePeople.com).


I wanted to put a few pieces up for sale… I am thinking of adding a seasonal line to my store. The same etsy store… just a special tab for gifts that are just my style. Or perhaps I should add them to my other etsy store which I opened years back and have since closed to the public. Still thinking of what I should do.

Either way, today I just wanted to show you what I have been up to.

Hope you have a great week!