Getting back into the groove… Got a few pieces up on Etsy the last couple days and there’s more to come!

I’ve been working on a new batch today. Over the weekend I took a trip to Blick’s in Boston and picked up a Gel Topcoat UVLS to try as the top coat on my pouches. Does anyone out there know anything about this Golden Product?

I am looking for something more flexible and cold resistant than the gel medium I was using (Liquitex). Or perhaps I should try a different brand of gel medium?

Either way I am trying out a vintage car design on a few of the new pouches. Going to see how that fares.

20130121_144427 20130121_144422 20130121_144415

As you can see I’ve got tons of painting and distressing to do on these! Loving every second…!

Expecting between 6 and 9 inches of snow tonight. Who know what we will get. Seems like snow is hit or miss up here. But we will love whatever we get! Happy MLK day all!