I am fighting a pretty persistent virus this week… and the only thing I thought might make me feel better was some “me” art time. So naturally I went straight to Life Book 2013. I signed up for this course a few months ago and I am so happy I did!

Yesterday I started with the Fairy Artmother painting. I wish I hadn’t made her face blue… which makes her look aĀ  little sad (or sick – maybe this was my subconscious coming thru since I feel awful) I think. but I really enjoyed the technique and the fact that I created another FACE (if you know me, you know I am scared to paint/draw faces).

Today I started on the meat of the course. A look at some goals and also a look at what I have been blessed with.

anyway here are the results…artmom


Instead of using the watercolor paper that Tam suggests I did it on those two canvases I prepared last month…

I am going to add more detail to them soon. I just had a very limited time this week and was just dying to jump in.

There’s still time to join… visit: LIFE BOOOK 2013 for details and to register!