One of my favorite saying… means a little more to me this week.

“Take time to pause, or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you”.


Just a small reminder this morning as I was leaving the grocery store… the automatic doors took a few extra seconds to open and i was forced to pause a moment. I realized how much I was rushing to get home and start on today’s projects. It reminded me of my husband and two girls who are out in the world today. Just a few seconds to focus on my most important blessing.

Thank you Pinehills Market – I love that it takes an extra moment for your doors to open.


Weird transition I know… but I have a little easy gift tag idea to share that I made yesterday…

I took my big baggie of craft sticks and stamped to and froms on them. Punched a hole with the crop a dile and they are ready for gifts!


go ahead… I know you have tons of those $1 alpha stamps from the craft stores…

no crop a dile? No prob! Don’t punch it… just adhere it to the gift with double sided tape or glue!