This one is a project I have been working on for this winter. I wanted to knit a couple pairs of mittens for my cuuuute nephew.

I’m sure there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to do this… and I have just a few tips to make it easier.


I started out by knitting the mittens. One pattern I have has instructions for knitting them with two straight needles (until you get to the thumb part). This way you can sew each side of the lining in before stitching closed the mitten.

Of course I didn’t think of that til after I stitched the whole knitted mitten first…


This is one mitten turned inside out. I laid the mitten on the fleece and cut around in the same size as the mitten. The only part  that you need to adjust is between the thumb and first finger area. You need to cut that in a bit deeper. This way you don’t have a lot of extra bulk in that area.

If you are sewing the lining into already made mittens (or ones that you bought somewhere) you should now sew the fleece pieces together .



Sew the lining in. I sewed around the wrist and half way up each side. Then stitched the thumb tip and finger tip so the lining doesn’t slide out when taking the mitten off.


That’s it. Really easy… and make your knitted creations warmer. You can do the same to hats too! The first two pics were a orange pair made in woman’s size and the third pic is one of the toddler size.


Below are a couple gifts we made over the weekend featuring some of the crafts from the past days. I glues the words and pictures in using glue dots and tweezers. (think ship in a bottle). Some go across and are suspended so the slips of paper do not all fall to the bottom. 20121210_092632The sachets are ones that Emily made for gifts. If you could scratch and sniff the screen you would smell the most fresh orange mandarin scent known to man. …

Anyway, I am taking this week to make more gifts. There are only 14.5 days left til Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful crafty season… I’ll be back with more ideas soon!