Ok… I am on a roll people. I was looking for some inexpensive gift ideas that my girls could make and would be very functional and adored. Came across these two sachet tutorials.

Honestly who doesn’t need a little freshening in the car? the hall and clothes closets? the drawers (except maybe the utensil and spice ones)? the sneakers and boots?



These very awesome burlap sachets are perfect for any occasion… not just Christmas!

Soooooo cute! And I happen to have some burlap stashed in my fabric pile… (admit it – you do too).  😉

She even has a great idea for making the scented pellets. Corn Cob (small animal) bedding and fragrance oils (both avail at walmart). You place some bedding in a zip bag and add oil. Shake it up a lot and leave for few days (shake over the course of those days). Awesome!

**IMG_7823 (1024x1024)





The second one is a NO SEW version on SPOONFUL.


This one is perfect for your little ones who haven’t yet mastered the sewing machine…

Let’s face it, it can be a little scary with that needle thumping up and down just ready to chew up your fingers (It can happen…  did it a couple month ago. She’s a Monster… that Betty.)


Anyway, these are my two picks for today’s craft ideas. I am quietly working on my mini ornaments for my lovely mini tree. Will update a photo soon.

Hope you enjoy your day!