This morning I went straight to the local Michaels to stock up on some goodies for both work and play…

Mostly play…

Found a several sheets of paper that are just beautiful…20121204_112843


A few tubes of paint (mainly white since I use tons), a pack of canvases and some ornaments. stay tuned in the next couple days for an idea I came across for the ornaments.

I have to say that it was so nice to go through the stores without feeling the rush I usually do. I could just browse as long as I wanted, coffee in hand, and really just let my imagination go.

Then I primed a few panels for a special order on pouches I received over the weekend…( so there is a little work splashed in there).


So you are wondering what today’s featured craft is… since I have been on a zippered pouch kick for the year, what better way to start off my holiday craft season with Martha’s Knitted Pouches! 


**You know… Martha Stewart always has fabulous ideas.

I just love how easy these pouches are to put together and the softness it brings to the harsh winter cold and wind. Love the idea for the glasses… I need to make one for myself! And who doesn’t love a pouch?!?! Go check out the link to see how to make these beauties… and i will post a photo of mine once it’s all made.

PS. If you need some colorful, cute zippers of any size you can check out ZIPIT on etsy. she ships fast, has tons of colors and is very very inexpensive! YKK zippers – these are high quality!