You might say that 14 years is a long friendship. It is…

My Beautiful and loyal friend, Betty – my $90, Kenmore Sewing Machine, bought in 1998 from Sears, went on strike last Friday.  I fought with her as she munched up my thread and spit out clumps of unworkable stringy mats.  every 3 minutes (might have been even more frequent) I threaded and rethreaded her arms and needle.  Used the better Gutterman thread, unwound and rewound her bobbin.  Tried over and over to release her tension. I opened her up for surgery and a full internal cleansing. Still she didn’t want to sew another straight line. She decided I put her through enough hard labor these last 14 yrs… I had to agree.

She was with me through countless curtains, pillows, some clothes, costumes, paper projects, tons of misc. crafts, and more recently my pouches and bags.  I decided to give her a well deserved retirement.

I really didn’t plan on purchasing a new machine this year. But as usual in life, when one door closes another opens. I was browsing on the internet knowing I would never find an adequate replacement. Just as confusion was setting in, who knew how many features you can get on a sewing machine!, I decided to call Kathy – my sewing genius friend! She suggested simple and HEAVY DUTY. she knows what I put my machine through. No fancy electronics, no 100’s of attachments… just a simple, HD machine.

She (and Rene’) suggested Walmart and Joann. I opened the Joann Merry Moolah ad and discovered my next purchase. The Singer 4423 Heavy Duty machine. On incredible sale and available that day at my local store!

I stopped in the store during the last 10 minutes of business hours and walked straight out with my new gray hued beauty.

So far I sewed up about 15 pouches and she is getting the job done. I am very happy with my new friend… who needs a name.

I’m not giving up on Betty. I may even take her to see a specialist soon. I’d love to be able to work with her on occasion. But for now she is resting peacefully!

I am ready to get back to work! Two weeks until the next Holiday sale at Plymouth South HS! stay tuned for details…