It’s already Friday… AHHHH! Time really flies when you’re having fun (and all other times too…).

Each time I start a new batch of pouches, I have no idea what they will turn out to be. As I design and paint each one, they come to life…

When the weather cools I start to go with slightly deeper colors. Not sure why…  (ok I just looked at the pic and realized the colors don’t look as deep as it does to me in real life… I think my exposure on the camera was set too high… – lol)

So here’s my worktable today:

I am thinking of a new idea… how about gnomes? and mushrooms?.. Stay tuned for those!

I’m excited to get some new pieces up on etsy next week. I got a little behind on that as I prepped for the Fair in Plymouth. But will step that up starting next week!

Sorry about today’s posting in a total stream of consciousness… this happens to me frequently when I get excited and have a million things jumbled in my noggin…

Ok! I’m ready to start collaging…! See you next week!