It’s Halloween for all those ghosts and goblins out there… and HAPPY ME ART DAY for me! It’s been a while since I sat down to have some non-work fun (which is also very fun…).

Today I worked on the art journal that Stacie and I are making together. I do a page and mail it to her, she does the same back to me.

Last time she sent this beautiful butterfly layout… which of course inspired me to do framed butterfly pouches (turned out awesome, by the way!)

As for my pages, I was so inspired by Junelle Jacobsen and her “Summer Boutique” spread.

As you can see, the first try a couple weeks ago didn’t turn out so well… but I had to salvage the page somehow as Stacie’s artwork was on the backside of the left page!



I like how it turned out…may need a little more shading and tweaking… but all in all I feel happy to have saved the pages!

Anyhow… it was so nice having a few hours of playtime… for the rest of the day, cutting and gessoing a new batch of patches for pouches! Perhaps  I will sketch out a few ideas… hopefully background painting on Thurs of Fri!

Ok… well HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have a fun and safe night and treat yourself to a sweet candy too!