Over the past few days I have been feverishly working to get these 70 items ready for the annual Arts and Crafts Sale held in Pine Hills in Plymouth! Finally I think I have everything together… and with a couple hours to spare! (Yea!)



This is my first craft sale since moving and I’m so excited (and a little anxious) to get started~ looking forward to meeting new friends and working through this process… And extremely grateful to have this opportunity to share my creations with my community.

So if you are near by and would like to check out the many different handmade items that Plymouth has to offer, I invite you to visit this Saturday from 10am  – 3pm. (10/27)

The Pine Hills Annual Arts and Crafts Fair

@ the Stonebridge Club

53 & 55 Stonebridge Rd. Plymouth, MA 02360

The final ritual of prepping for a fair… clean up my work room. Organize, sort, clean and scrub! Make everything new and ready for work next week! Ok, I’m off!

Oh, and BTW: I’m not sure what this hurricane (Sandy) is bringing up the coast (if anything at all), but to all my friends up along the Atlantic, I pray you are safe and sound in the coming days.