So I finally finished the batch of “framed” pieces… I really do like how they turned out. However, I am learning a hard lesson from this batch. Either it took me too long to get to the sewing part, of the tissue paper around the edges is causing some cracking on a few pieces. Either way, most were able to be resurfaced and are ready for sale… a couple need new sewing and 1 is beyond repair. (So I will be using them for personal use)… hee hee. (It’s like a baker getting to eat the broken cookies!)

Anyway, I am working on another batch and I am using the same framing technique. Got my fingers crossed… will get to sewing and turning at a quicker pace!


Oh! One more thing! I signed up for LIFE BOOK 2013!

What an exciting yearlong class to look forward to after the crazy holiday season! Some time just for me… de-stress, learn something new. Stacie took the class 2012 and loved it and she recommended it to me! If you are interested, check out her blog! Can’t wait!!!