had a whirlwind 7 days… where did those days go?

Had a nice visit with the in laws… did practically everything touristy you can think of in Boston… haha.

We even went to Patriot Place in Foxboro~ Checked out the Cranberry Bog (where they pick Ocean Spray berries)… really interesting!

Now October is about to start and things are becoming a bit busier – if that’s possible.


I have exciting news. OpenHandCreations will be available very soon at HANDCRAFTED in Chandler, AZ! I’m so excited to start this new relationship with Betsy and Morgan as they just celebrated their grand opening on Monday!


If you are near Chandler, please check them out! And if you are not, check our their facebook page by searching Handcrafted LLC. There are pictures and news about the store.

Well, back to my worktable! I have several pouches in the works… glad to be back to normal around here šŸ™‚