What a week so far – and it’s only Wednesday morning!!

After a fun filled day at the mall on Labor day (you can interpret that in many ways…) buying Emily’s very yellow school bag and some last minute supplies, the girls went to school yesterday. I don’t think I ever “grow up”…. when Abby got on the bus I kept tearing up. It was especially hard because this was the first day of a whole new school in a whole new state with no one they know.  The girls are stronger than I am.

Then I got straight to work… housework! But after a morning of cleaning the fish tank (yuck), house and loading the laundry machine I did manage a couple hours of collaging… YEA!

This morning I am blessed with rain (again you can interpret that how you want – for me I was looking for an excuse not to run/exercise this am) and so I am sitting here with a cup of tea and getting ready for a full day of art!

Speaking of art…

I think I have my shipment ready for the Muse in Frederick! I will be sending out my box by Monday morning (if not by this Friday!)

Well. Gotto get to work!

One more thing…

I started a shop page on Facebook for news and info! You can like it on the right side of the blog for a 10% off etsy coupon code on all purchases through 2012.  Please visit!