We took a long weekend and went up through Gloucester & Rockport, Mass.

First- Gloucester.

I had always wanted to check out the place where The Perfect Storm~ Andrea Gale true story came from and it did not disappoint. What a quaint, old time area. It was so exciting to see a true working seaport and the local artisan flair. From a chocolaterie – Turtle Alley, to the Midnight Sun unloading it’s month-long catch… we were captivated by this small town at every second. Friendly people and something for every age. Food was awesome and very affordable.  Plenty of free parking (which is always a plus!)

Then we took a half day into Rockport. This “Bearskin Neck” town is FULL of artists, crafts, old fashioned ice cream parlors and trinket stores, handmade jewelry, sweatshirt outfitters, a Lobster Shack est 1918, a passable “rock port”, etc, etc! We sat out on the deck of Roy Moore Lobster Shack each with a whole lobster in hand (Bry had a lobster roll) and chowed down for an awesome lunch… then finished it off with a cool cantaloupe gelato (and Oreo for Abby) not before stopping at the Country store for some penny candy, pickle toothpicks and more!



We of course stopped a several small beaches all along the way… did out seaglass hunting and wave jumping… both very great in Gloucester, Marblehead and Rockport!


That about wraps up the weekend. If you are ever in this area… these places are definitely worth your while. It may not be too long before we go back! I miss it already!

In the meanwhile, this week… calming down after the fun… errands, more pouches and prepping for a big month of family visits! Can’t wait… I’ve missed everyone so much!

Have a great day!