Changing paces a little I wanted to do this mini wood drawer refinishing project I saw on Ikea Hackers.

I love Ikea…. I love the simple European designs and affordability… and another great thing… you can personalize so many things. They make several things in unfinished wood so you can stain, paint and pretty much do anything you like to them.

I bought this drawer set years ago when I was setting up my prior craft room.

The drawers a perfect for storing little collage items.

Recently I discovered IKEA HACKERS and while some of the designs are not my style, i have found several things that I’d like to try.

Antiquing this drawer set was one of them…

I still have to add some wax and drawer pulls, but so far I like the results.

I do have a note about the crackle medium… apply liberally and when applying top coat color, only make one pass with the brush.

You can find directions here! The photo below is what I’m aiming for…

Anyway, back to painting pouches a bit today. The weather is crisp and cool this morning!!! Love it! Have a great one!