Still working on my sea glass page… it’s coming along.

A couple notes to share.

Acrylic Inks. My new FAVORITE shading and coloring medium.  It’s so vibrant, permanent (so far as I know) and a tiny bit goes a loooooooong way.

When I am working with water colors or charcoal and I want to collage on top, to prevent smearing I found this WORKABLE FIXATIVE by Krylon (at Michaels). So far so good. Works better than hairspray, although in a pinch cheap hairspray does the job too. HOWEVER – use this product outdoors or in good ventilation. I used it for a quick sec inside and now I have windows opened for a couple hours (I assume). Says it’s also good for india ink, chalk, pencil, and crayon. You can use it on wood metal plastic, paper mache, glass, plaster, ceramic, silk flowers, paper, wicker, etc…. hmmm that pretty much covers anything, I think.

I hope to finish up this spread today. I added some shading (using the inks, pitt markers and water color pens that Stacie gave me) and sprayed the fixative so i can doodle and stamp on it  next. I’m not sure if that’s a way to go… but I’m hoping for good results.

Having a great week here in MA! Weather is beautiful and there’s so much to do. And maybe pick up a few glass shards in between…