We decided to beat the heat this weekend at the beach on Saturday (very awesome day) and then at the Boston Fine Arts Museum on Sunday (also very awesome).

The museum is huge! I was sad however that thwo exhibits that I wanted to see were being renovated… The Korean wing and the textiles and fashion area. Oh well, another reason to visit in the fall!

There were so many things to see and it was a good experience especially for Emily and me… Sometimes we are our worst critics when we make our own artwork. Seeing such a diverse range of work is an eyeopener. I mean some of the art we saw didn’t really look like “art” to us but is still a masterpiece to the the artist and others. (I hope that came out right…)

More and more I am trying to forget the outside forces and really rely on my inner voice to shine through.  Not to worry so much about what others might think, or if it measures up to some sort of standard… It brings a sort of peace and freedom.

Then part two of the fun day… a visit to DICK BLICK’s Art Store!! Ok. I have always wanted to go there… in person. And it was busting at the seams full of art supplies! Heaven for anyone who loves paint, paper, clay, ink, charcoal, pastels… MORE.  I actually started to get dizzy just spinning in circles looking at everything they had to offer.

But not before I eyed my new “candy”. Encaustics. I really want to try to learn this art. So I will do some research and get back to you on my progress. I haven’t bought anything yet… but my wallet is starting to get worried. 🙂

I did walk away with a few additions. Panpastels – something I’ve heard a little about and was very curious… and a bottle of lime green acrylic ink (this stuff is potent). Yum! (and a few sheets of wrap in yellow… can you belive out of my whole stash of scrapping paper, I have no yellow?!?!)

After shopping we started heading back down towards Plymouth and the rainclouds moved in and a thunderstorm greeted us at home. I love ending the day with a bang. Dinner just the 4 of us and watched a bit of the gymnastics olympic trials (Ok… how do those girls do that?) and fell fast asleep.

Today… art journaling. Can’t wait to try out some of my new goodies!