And it really is wide!

I started at 4:45am this morning looking through other people’s blogs and craft websites… and there are about a million and half things I want to try to make. (You know I’m a sort of hoarder when I don’t even need to go to the store to buy any of the supplies to make most of these things… ).

I decided to make a compilation of some of my favorites.


This one caught my eye because my cousin is getting hitched in October and when you think weddings, you think flowers… right?!? It’s  a Polish blog  by Sasilla but there are English translations. You use coffee filters to make these beautiful roses. She’s has some beautiful work on her site.






Anyone that knows me knows I LOOOOVE to KNIT! Here’s an adorable baby coccon (and baby) for picture taking and just plain cuddling!







These upcycled hand/arm warmers are so cute for evening beach strolls!



This beaded crocheted bracelet by creative kismet is a cinch to make! There’s even a video for this one. I think it would be so cool to make several and wear all at once. Also thinking chokers, anklets… keychains… hmmmm…





& Lastly for today… a upcycled prairie skirt by sincerely kinsey.

Love the look. Love the ease. And LOVE reusing old things!